31 May 2016

Faves | Porches + Frankie Cosmos + Bombino

I've taken to listening to a lot of stuff on Soundcloud and Bandcamp as both are really great spots for finding new shit that I might have otherwise overlooked. 

Honestly, I feel like a tool for not sharing these guys sooner - I logged into my last.fm account and these were the three music making entities that I had listened to most over the last year and I haven't mentioned them here anywhere! Apolojeez!

Porches • Pool

Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook
Porches is a band out of New York lead by front man Aaron Maine. I've been into their music since Slow Dance in the Cosmos but the release of Pool really solidified my adoration for their music. It's moody dark danceable synthpop that most mornings I sing along to in the shower.

Frankie Cosmos • Next Thing

Website | Bandcamp | Facebook
Frankie Cosmos is also straight out of New York City and began as a solo project for one Greta Kline (her bandcamp goes way back to 2009 - when she was only 15) and is now a fully fledged band. I love the simplicity and honesty of Frankie cosmos - there are wonderful sweet songs about missing her dead dog, to feeling inadequate, relationship breakdowns, and all the other mundane miracles that make up being alive. Next Thing is really great. Listen to it eh!

Bombino • Azel

Website | Facebook | Youtube
Martyn Pepperell got me into Bombino after tweeting that the new album was being produced by Dave Longreth of Dirty Projectors (one of my favourite bands).

Omar "Bombino" Moctar is a Tuareg musician who hails from Niger and makes a version of desert rock that he referred to as "tuareggae" - while reggae is not my bag, this music definitely is. It's such a beautiful soulful album with such incredible musicianship. Their voices give me chills. I've totally converted my workmate Kat and the two of us have listened to Azel countless times over the last few months.

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