16 December 2008

Deck the Halls...

...and dress the tree!

I went around to Mum's house the other day and helped decorate the Christmas tree. So many decorations too - Mum has a couple of bags full of them, from ones we made when my sister and I were kids, to ones Mum has slyly bought every year.

When we were younger, I used to sit down before we hung everything on the tree, and split all the decorations into equal piles so that none of us felt slighted. Often we'd have three fairly similar ornaments (like a set of angels or cherubs) but there were also special awesome ones that had to be carefully measured against one another so as not to offend anyone who felt that their pile was not as special and awesome as the other two.

In which case we'd renegotiate.

A delicate balance really.

Here's a photo of one of our cats Lemme (as in "lemme up! lemme on you! lemme have that") hanging out on top of the computer looking bemused at all the tree activity.

Lemme's son, Max, loves the Christmas tree. He has a perennial love affair with a wee felt Santa that we've had for years. Every year he pulls it out of the tree and lavishes licks all over it, so as a result, it's quite fluffy and gross looking. Mum still hangs it on the tree, but at the bottom, for easy access for Mr Max.