17 June 2009


This movie looks awesome - for one thing, it's stop-motion which is always worth a look (I love stop-motion, especially claymation... it seems quite magical). Secondly, it sounds like it has a plot that'd be mighty interesting to watch even if it were filmed normally.

"Based on the Short Stories of Etgar Keret, and adapted for the screen by Etgar Keret and Director Tatia Rosenthal, $9.99 is a stop motion animated feature which offers slightly less than $10 worth about the meaning of life..." - $9.99 film website

16 June 2009

Rodent Plague

Our house over the last six months has become home to not only humans, but a variety of rodents. Thus far, we've only caught mice, but our flatmate claims to have seen a rat hanging out in the library and the amount of noise made as they run about in the walls and floors and ceilings indicates something larger than a few wee mice.

I like to think of them as wrestlers, it sounds like they have massive smack-downs and the squeaking galloping noises that accompany the matches seem very appropriate - almost like the redneck yelling at WWF matches.

14 June 2009

Object Study

Glasses (pre-wool)
Glasses (pre-wool)
As part of our project drawing class we were required to make a marquette/object study of pretty much whatever the hell we liked. I like glasses. Big nerdy glasses (and boy do I miss my real ones - such a dumbass to have sat on them, sigh).

Logan and Champ as additional models. Suaaaave. I think I might post a few Seth pictures later too - his geeky faces were spot on despite the fact that he was actually trying to look like a grandma.

12 June 2009


Ok, so I really enjoyed sculpture at school, so much so that I've decided that it'll be one of my two majors next semester alongside printmaking. Squee! Getting to use power tools made me hyper-pumped, and the vast broadness of materials on offer in the department was also excitement inducing. Yuss.

Robot is made out of a floppy-disk holder, grater, jar-opener, long forks, and bits of wood and keyboard and scrap.

Skull is an old christmas tree and polystyrene. Such a goofy skull.

09 June 2009

Video Works

I just realised that if this is meant to be a way to show off the cool things that I've been doing, I should probably put up cool things I've done as well.

Here are two videos I made as part of my design degree at Otago.

Both videos were made for special topic papers where I got to choose what I wanted to make. The one above was about the experiences my peers had had with social anxiety - I was interested to see how many of them had encountered it, and what their perceptions were. It took ages because I took a lot of the frames into photoshop and drew on each of them individually.

The video below is a music video I made for one-time Dunedin band, The Tweeks. It's a song about the limitations of texting, so I made the cellphone into a set of costumes for three of the band members and got them to follow around the fourth member of the band as his lackey. Yes yes.


02 June 2009

Attention: Friends

Dear Friends,

This is a note to say please stop moving overseas. Overseas includes crossing the Cook Strait. I am serious. And lonely. Chamcham is awesome, but so are you. And one Champion does not a group of friends make.

I understand that you all have important things to do abroad, like teach, save the world, play music and get high/drunk/sunburnt, but dammit I miss you. And surely that is more important. I know that I wasn't always the most social beast, often saying I'd come out and have a drink/dance/standatthesideofthestageandstompmyfoot with you and then pull out at the last minute but I PROMISE that if you come back I will work really hard on not being a piker.

In any case. You are well missed, so I hope you're having fun. If you're not having fun, get back here. NOW. If you're still in Dunedin, good. Text me in a week and a half and I will cover you in anecdotes, icing and cups of tea.


Haunted Love

Haunted Love
I recently took some photos for the newly y chromosomed Haunted Love. They're all so pretty. So ridiculously pretty. If you're interested, you can check out the rest of the photos here.

Basement Cuts

Basement Cuts
Basement Cuts
Here are some posters I made for Mr Hawkins' DJ Manick gigs at Pint Night. I love old pin-up postcards. They're so sassy! I think I'll keep this theme up for a while if he decides to get me to make more of them.

Recent project stuff

Man, recently I've been so freaking obsessed over hanging mobiles. Like, really really into them. I can't stop thinking about making them - this is the first one I'm working on. It's a series of discs with pencil sketches of ladies on them. Getting to do doodles on them in front of the tv was really fun, looking forward to making more of them.