27 June 2010

Phantom Tollbooth + Thundercub

Whipped this up the other night for Dougie J's band Thundercub, and Chloe's band Phantom Tollbooth. Man. It's quite fun doing a poster in a night - when everything just comes together really nicely straight away. Huzzah!

19 June 2010


T-post is a concept - kind of like the 12club at Threadless where you get mailed out tshirts on a regular basis but with the added point of interest of each of the tshirts having an illustration designed in response to an article which is printed on the inside of the shirt.

The above t-shirt is for an article about some of the stuff people get up to while asleep - you can read it here.

07 June 2010


...this blog.

need to brush up on some web lingo so the blog will jive the way it want it to daddio. hopefully will have this baby running smoothly asap. in the meantime, yellow! whee!

04 June 2010

Tono and the Finance Company

tono and the finance company {b+w version}
So, the other day I took some photos for Tono to use to promote his new ep Fragile Things.

The weather was atrocious so I suggested that instead of going out to take photos, we stayed in. So we did!

tono and the finance company