11 December 2009

Life Changes

So a few things of note have happened recently.

1. I finished up first year at Art School.

2. I got me some full-time employment. Working in retail selling books, dvds, and music. Which is awesome but has also been quite stressy due to the fact that the store opened a week after I started working for them (the week before they opened I worked 80 hours processing stock for the new store) and it's now building up to the whole christmas craziness (and we're still receiving and processing heaps of stuff).

3. We took possession of our new house yesterday. We're moving in over the next few days, which is pretty exciting. Like, really exciting. Expect to hear a LOT about it in the coming forever.

Right, those are the important things. I thought I ought to let you fullas know the reason why I've been so absent from my online existence. So yeah. Things will calm down soon and I'll be back around here a lot more.