25 May 2008

Dig! Ha.

Hey hey,

I don't know how much this'll interest you folk, but I nearly wet myself when I saw this... Brian Jonestown Massacre is going to be touring New Zealand in September and they're coming to DUNEDIN and playing at the BACKSTAGE!! I mean, WTF? Awesome!!!

Here's the press release from undertheradar.co.nz:
To coincide with the release of their 13th and latest album My Bloody Underground cult favourites The Brian Jonestown Massacre have just announced they will be touring NZ this September. Led by enigmatic provocateur and sonic visionary Anton Newcomb, the Brian Jonestown Massacre are a controversial, independent and musically brilliant outfit who have attracted a legion of fans through their wildly futuristic psychedelic rock.

Backstage, Dunedin - 2 Sept
The Civic, Christchurch - 3 Sept
SFBH, Wellington - 4 Sept
Kings Arms, Auckland - 5 Sept

20 May 2008


I think I would die from happiness if there were a local cupcakery in Dunedin. Man, go on Liz, open one up in your last three weeks down here... at least have a stall at the farmer's market!

This desire for scrummy cupcakes was brought on by a post I read on OhJoy! about Kumquat Cupcakery in Brooklyn. They sell their gorgeous wee cupcakes at flea markets, fairs and the like and they look like heaven in a delicious mouthful of cake and frosting!

Check out their blog for more mouthwatering photos.

19 May 2008

the lady has mad skills

So I was reading one of my newfound favourite blogs today, KitsuneNoir and played "follow the link", stumbling upon the work of mar hernández aka malota who has a really cute clean illustration style. It kind of spaces me out and makes me wish I could have a hookah pipe at work for when it gets boring and I get the blog-need.

Anywho, her wee motion graphics/animation Greenville is really awesome. I recommend you watch it. Especially if you wanna get on board the procrastination train like the rest of the cool kids. W00t W00t!

02 May 2008

Let's go fly a kite

Today I have been mostly spray painting giant cellphone costumes and getting ridiculously high off the fumes. Also, having bare feet and getting gunk all over my soles and possibly catching a cold.

Giant party tonight! If you're in Dunedin, head along... you can get the details for it from


01 May 2008

The thing I dislike about University

I really don't like writing in a formal, academic manner. Which is quite a kick in the nuts if you're aiming to get a degree. I managed to get through essays at High School because I had the same English teacher for a lot of it and she enjoyed my informal, personable, and colloquial style of writing.

Unfortunately, it doesn't go down to well in an academic environment.

Anyway, I guess I'm just procrastinating because I have a book review/report to write about Anne Bogart's book "A Director Prepares" and while I really enjoyed the book and thought that quite possibly it could help me develop as a director - I'd want to read it a few more times first before explaining why... my other problem is that I respond to things instinctively, and emotionally, instead of analytically. Boo hiss!