25 May 2008

Dig! Ha.

Hey hey,

I don't know how much this'll interest you folk, but I nearly wet myself when I saw this... Brian Jonestown Massacre is going to be touring New Zealand in September and they're coming to DUNEDIN and playing at the BACKSTAGE!! I mean, WTF? Awesome!!!

Here's the press release from undertheradar.co.nz:
To coincide with the release of their 13th and latest album My Bloody Underground cult favourites The Brian Jonestown Massacre have just announced they will be touring NZ this September. Led by enigmatic provocateur and sonic visionary Anton Newcomb, the Brian Jonestown Massacre are a controversial, independent and musically brilliant outfit who have attracted a legion of fans through their wildly futuristic psychedelic rock.

Backstage, Dunedin - 2 Sept
The Civic, Christchurch - 3 Sept
SFBH, Wellington - 4 Sept
Kings Arms, Auckland - 5 Sept

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