04 May 2010

Refusing to stop reusing

I helped some chappies out lately with some illustrations for a council funded website informing people on how to get rid of all kinds of stuff without just throwing it away - expanding the lifespan of the item, giving it another life/purpose, what-have-you. As well as being a directory of places that will deal with your refuse/junk, it's also a directory of places who'll give you stuff like horse poo, bokashi... that sort of stuff.

So I did three icons - one for organic waste, one for inorganic waste, and one for community groups. Here they are:

Here are all the icons outside of their little clusters, including some of the ones I made but didn't end up using. I particularly liked the t-shirt.

Old dream

My friend Andrew used to have a blog with all his dreams on it. They were really interesting dreams and he didn't try and force narratives on them which pleased me so I told him one of my dreams, and via the medium of facebook, he reminded me of this dream and gave it back. So I'm giving it to you!

I woke up this morning and went to radio1 to do breakfast show (by the way, I actually did have to do this because Hawkins' called in sick - which is probably why I had this dream) and when I arrived in the studio, all the equipment was gone and yet there was still music. I was very confused and wondered if someone had stolen the stuff. Just then I heard noise in the corridor and went out and saw three random boys in the production studio which had turned into a long hallway.

I said "who are you and have you stolen the radio1 computer stuff cos I need that to do my show" and they said nothing and stared at me like emos. So I said "what are you doing here?" and they said "we are playing on air at 9" and I said "oh, so you are the sneaks" and they said yes. I then asked the tall one how the trip down had been and he said "horrible" and then had a cry and I gave him a hug. While I was hugging him, he backed away and became two people.

I went back into the studio and the equipment was back as well as a boy who was crooning into the dj mic making a helicopter drone. I told him to stop that, I need to play proper music and he did.

Then I went into the office to get the weather info but there was a tea party happening to celebrate the live-to-airs happening all week. Phoebe Smith was there eating grapes and pistachio nuts. I had to crawl between everyone's legs to get to the computer and no-one offered me food except Phoebe who threw grapes at me and shouted nonsense.

Then I woke up and it was 6am and I realised that I still had to go to Radio1 and do a show.