31 August 2008

Mister Mews comes to Work

I think I'm hooked, sewing friends is so much fun! Damn you Gianna! You and your adorable friends got me hooked on stitchin'!

Meet Mister Mews.

He was bored at home so I brought him into work today. (you can see the packaging for my blog's namesake in the background - god I miss that spoon)

He's a bit of a scaredy-cat and hid behind my computer a lot.

Yay for Mister Mews! If I get time later, I'll show you his many different hairstyles - he has so many different looks!

26 August 2008

Spring has well and truly Sprung

I love that I get to walk through the botanical gardens every morning on the way to work. Woohoo!


This is the first friend I have ever made, and his name is Moustacha. He is planning a move to the warmer climates of Brisbane soon where he'll be residing with my sister. Moustacha is never without his jaunty Fez - he likes lemon lime and bitters, reading the newspapers in the morning with a cup of liquorice tea, the smell of pipe tobacco, and the shape of the African continent.

Moustacha does dream frequently about the delightful shape of Africa and he'd quite like to visit it some day.

Yay for Moustacha!

13 August 2008

One of my favourite blogs...

I've got a confession to make... I'm a blog hoarder. As soon as I find a blog, I squirrel it away in my blog reader and feel massively protective of the blog, and want to hide it from everyone and revel in how awesome it is on my lonesome.

Like seriously, I get jealous over blogs so this is like giving away my favourite toys. It's hard, but I still get to play with these blogs.

Anyway, this is a blog called Smitten Kitchen by a lady in New York called Deb who has excellent skills in the kitchen. And excellent photo taking skills too - they make me literally drool at my computer. I have to confess that I've yet to attempt one of her recipes but next time that I've got an evening free and some kind of excuse, I'm going to make her Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake.

Delicious! She also has a link on the left hand side of the blog where she alphabetically lists all of her recipes featured on the blog, in categories, for easy finding and use! Argh! Such a wonderful blog!


This is a wee friend I drew. Silly thing ate a bunch of children but didn't make them go to the bathroom first and, because he's greedy, he ate them whole and when they got into his tummy, they pooped! Serves him right for not chewing his food properly...