17 May 2012

The Eversons - Summer Feeling

In case you haven't already heard of this band of dudes, let me introduce you to The Eversons. Four guys based in Wellington making sweet indie pop together - I recognised Mark from his old band Little Pictures who have played here in Dunedin at (the now defunct) Arc with Blink's (now defunct) Low Hum Tours years ago, and also played at the first couple of CALH where I recall they did a sweet, sweet cover of Buddy Holly by Weezer.

In any case, I fucking love their album. It's like it was written for people in their late 20s with B.A.s living in New Zealand. It's like they have been facebook stalking my wall for the past four years. It's like they know me maaaaaan. From insecurities about the best part of our lives being over, to never finding that special someone to settle down with, to the constant feeling that everything cool is happening someplace outside of NZ (damn you Melbourne), to the realisation that perhaps that B.A. in Design and Theatre Studies wasn't the best thing I could have done with my life... these guys nail each and every topic with witty lyrics and catchy melodies.

One of my favourite songs from the album is Creepy. In my early twenties, this could have been a song about my obsessive crushes. Here is a video of The Eversons performing Creepy at the BFM sessions for your viewing pleasure.

- You can stream or buy the whole of Summer Feeling online here. It's a steal, it's a deal!