30 March 2010

OH MAN, I really ought to be filing CDs right now...

Worst blog writer ever.

It's quite high on my list of priorities to start writing a blog on an "at least weekly" basis. The problem is, my other priorities are "go to work on a daily basis", "relax post-work on a daily basis", "play heaps of netball", "do some design stuff", and MOST importantly, "get the house to a liveable state of tidiness".

It's actually the messiest I have been since I was 10. No shit. My mum used to say my room looked like a bomb had hit it and I'd be offended but the reality is that if she were to say it now, I'd be forced to agree.

On a total tangent, here is a really awesome doodle tool - called harmony. I do suggest you try it. Below is one of my doodles. Sweet!