16 April 2008

Happy Birthday Dougie J

I took photos of DJ last night with my NEW CAMERA

Here's one. Actually, two. The second one is relevant for the bottom part of this post.

It's also his birthday. Today. Going into the mid-20s. Scary stuff

We're quite cute sometimes. Other times we're just annoying. Or fighty. Like cats really - we're just like cats.

The inevitable return of the great white shark

Over this past summer, I drove around in a van with my lovely Dougie J and we had a great holiday - whenever we found somewhere nice we could just stop and chill out, cook some food, have a sleep WITH NO SET-UP! We got to go to both the Big Day Out where we were witness to the Arcade Fire (Oh be still my beating heart), and Camp A Low Hum which was one of the most debauched experiences of my life. We had the stereo in Maggie the van cranking the whole time ad at the end of four days parked up, she started first time.

Our van's a wee cracker.

Anywho, the only patch of mouldy grime on this otherwise marvelous holiday was having my camera bag stolen from out the back of our van by some lowlife in Auckland. Right at the beginning of our holiday. It still had all my christmas photos on it, the telephoto lens was in the bag, and the bag was actually a gorgeous retro tan leather case with plush velvet interior that mum's partner had given me, and I'll tell ya, I'm not gonna come across another one of them in a hurry. At least one I can afford.

Luckily, I have insurance and yesterday I finally got my mitts on a brand new Canon EOS 400d (I used to have the 350d) and have been snapping photos of my housemates ever since. Muahaha!

I'll try and post some photos tomorrow. Or something. Whee!

13 April 2008

Audrey Kawasaki

The lady is a fox

Her paintings are some of the coolest, sexiest paintings I've seen in ages.

Get along to her website and check her fine work out!

Kia Ora


Welcome to the sneaky spoon - I plan on using this to post stuff I've been working on, music I like, art and design I like, videos that rock my socks, that sort of jazz.

I'm not the most verbose of folks so I'll try and keep it fairly simple and concise.

Really, this is just a scrapbook of kickass shit.