08 February 2015

Tomemitsu / High Maintenance

It's been a while since I posted a thing. Sorry about that. Hope you didn't miss my very sporadic posts too much! (Hilariously, my New Year's resolution was to be resolutely less apologetic about my life choices. Whoops!)

I've had this beautiful tune by Tomemitsu called 'In Dreams' wafting through my brainbox and haunting my vascular muscle pumping place ever since I first heard it in the closing credits of an episode of "High Maintenance". It's just mournful and lovely and resonates with me in a deep and true way. Or something. I listened to the closing credits a few times and then speedily went to bandcamp and bought the album. I'd highly recommend giving it a listen up above (pun only somewhat intended).

Speaking of High recommendations, "High Maintenance" is a brilliant show that Critic design whizz kid Sam Clark sent my way. Excellent funny/poignant little vignettes of people with the commonality through them all being a dude who sells weed for a living.

The episode below is the one that features 'In Dreams' in the closing credits. Treat yourself.

High Maintenance // Rachel from Janky Clown Productions on Vimeo.

08 May 2014

Cool Peeps: Sharon Van Etten

There are two ladies that I discovered while working at Marbecks - one of them (Jessica Lea Mayfield) I have already talked about on this blog, but the other I have not. I shall dance about this subject no more! Her name is Sharon Van Etten and she released an album called Tramp which is to this day one of my favourite albums of all time. It is mournful and heart-rending and beautiful. You can listen to it as it was recorded on Spotify or buy the damn thing (worth it), but I've put together a playlist on youtube which has all the tracks from Tramp on it with an emphasis on good live recordings of the different tracks - there is also the demo version of Serpents which was used in an episode of The Walking Dead. Great stuff! Listen!

Anywho, what sparked this off was that I awoke the other morning to an email from a musical physicist friend of mine (the wonderful Mr Barker) linking to a webpage with the lead single and a date for Sharon's forthcoming album Are We There - the new single is called Taking Chances and I wanted to share the slightly creeptastic video for it.


Bonus link for the enthused: The New Yorker did a lovely little video of Sharon hanging out at home playing one of the tracks from Are We There called I Love You But I'm Lost and she talks a bit about making music and what it means to her, and flicks through some records at a local store, and generally you get a little insight into her life as a person. Pretty neat. I recommend clicking through!!

29 September 2013

Not dead, not for sale

Team! Hi!

Sorry for being so neglectful, my only excuse is that I've had a lot of work on, and whenever I find myself in front of a computer in my spare time I want to either a) look at wedding stuff, or b) play league of legends. Also netball. Netball is taking up a fair bit of my "not-at-work" time.

I think given that I now spend 40 hours a week looking at a computer and thinking about design, my motivation to post about my own work has been flagging. So I'm not going to beat myself up about that - if I want to post about my biz then I shall, but otherwise I'm going to use the blog when I feel like I've got something cool to share, or a rant that has bubbled its way to the top of my brain.

Sound good? Good. x

06 May 2013

Cool Peeps: AJ Fosik

AJ Fosik is a total freaking bad-ass. I found him during my sculpture module that year I thought I'd be an Art School kid and I've been jealously checking in on his work ever since. The guy has SKILLS - he did a some brilliant artwork for the most recent Mastodon album (a video of him making it can be seen below!), and his sculpture is honestly just the bees knees. It creeps me out in the best possible way.

29 March 2013

Cool Peeps: Vivian Maier

I have always wished that I had the courage to be a street photographer but the fear of rejection, of having people angry at me for not seeking their permission - I haven't the kind of bold devil-may-care attitude of some, or the unstoppable force of curiosity, the compulsion to take photos, that other street photographers have.

Vivian Maier is the shit. She is amazing. Long story short, a whole bunch of her negatives (like, 100,00 of them - mostly undeveloped) were sold at auction in 2007 to a chap - he developed and printed her photos and was astonished at the results. Hundreds of beautiful images of people living in (mainly) the '50's and 60's.

Here are some of my favourites - click them to get glorious larger images :)

images taken from: http://www.vivianmaier.com/portfolios/new-york1/ - I love her sneaky self portrait on the bottom left, so sly!

BONUS: There is a doco coming out about her work/life/discovery called Finding Vivian Maier and the preview for it looks amazing. I can't wait.

25 March 2013

Music Recommendations

I just realised that even though I worked in a music store for three years, I never really put any music recommendations up on the blog! Well, that's about to end. I'll try not to overload the blog with tunes, but that said, here are three albums that I have been playing an awful lot of lately.

Jessica Lea Mayfield - Tell Me
I freaking love this album. I love the moodiness, the loneliness, the angst - I always have loved angsty music and while Jessica has a bit of a country feel to her, her voice is so beautiful, lyrics so good, that I don't mind. (Kinds like Justin Townes Earle - more bluesy perhaps?). Excellent alternative folk-rock. Well worth a listen.

Dirty Projectors - Swing Lo Magellan
These guys are nutso geniuses. I love how catchy and quirky their music is. This is hands-down one of my favourite albums to listen to at the moment. It makes me really happy.

 If you've got time to sit down and watch a 20 minute long short-film, you should check out Hi-Custodian: a conceptual film by David Longstreth (the main dude from Dirty Projectors) using the music from Swing Lo Magellan featuring the band which is just as strange, dystopian, and beautiful as one would expect. Recommended SO HARD!

Foals - Holy Fire
I am a long-standing fan of Foals: I enjoyed Antidotes, and thought Total Life Forever was the bees knees - one of those albums you can't help but play over and over again. I think Holy Fire might be my favourite of the bunch though - it has a sophistication and polish that is so nice to listen to.

I make few excuses for my earlier life as an angsty teen who loved Bush, Incubus, A Perfect Circle, Deftones etc yet I feel like even young (semi-tasteless) Lucinda would have approved of Foals' new album as much as current Lucinda does. So moody, so dark, so good.

14 March 2013

Finally, a "Real Job"!

That's right friends, I am no longer a retail wench. It was sad to leave Marbecks after three years and I'll miss the peeps I worked with but for the past three weeks I have been ensconced behind a desk getting to grips with the behemoth that is the Otago University Students' Association. My new co-workers have been lovely, and none of them judged me when I was introduced to beer pong on the last day of my first week and got quite drunk. It was Emersons Pilsner! And I am competitive as all hell so losing a game just makes me want to win it all the more...

It is so good being challenged on a daily basis. I know I complained about how much I wanted a challenging job while I was at Marbecks and, well, you get what you wish for right? REAL JOBS ARE HARD. Man, but they are so satisfying! My brain has been pulled and stretched like taffy over the last three weeks, and thankfully it hasn't fallen apart yet.

There are some pretty exciting projects coming up in the next month - the annual Capping Show which this year is themed around the Wizard of Oz, and the Battle of the Bands being the two massive ones. I've been spending a fair chunk of time on designing stuff for the Uni Games which are being hosted here in Dunedin in April. So much!

Here are a few wee things I've done this month and a taster of the Battle of the Bands artwork! Ooo!


17 February 2013

Matt Langley @ Puppies

The lovely Mr Matt Langley asked me to make this poster for him. Such a treat! If you're in Wellington, head along - it should be a fun show to see Matt perform with a band for once!

28 January 2013

Getting amped about Amped. Heh.

This has to be one of the projects I am proudest of from last year - making a logo for Amped (formerly known as the Chick's Project).

Amped is one of the raddest things in Dunedin providing music mentoring for high school kids, and setting up booze free shows so that they can showcase their skills to their peers (and, to be honest, a lot of older folks like me who can't help but dig their music too).

If you want to download (for free) some sweet tunes made by some hip young things, you can do so here.

Paquin 2012 Tour Poster

Woohoo! What a fun time I had (until I smoked too many cigarettes and made myself seriously ill... never again folks) listening to bands and socializing! Dunedin in December is wonderful if only for the fact that the weather is good, the couches are unburnt, and people who normally live in warmer climes return to have family time.

The Prophet Hens were great, Males were excellent, and Paquin were fantastic. So good to see bands I had (shamefully) never seen before, and at the same time get to hang out with old friends again. <3 br="">