08 May 2014

Cool Peeps: Sharon Van Etten

There are two ladies that I discovered while working at Marbecks - one of them (Jessica Lea Mayfield) I have already talked about on this blog, but the other I have not. I shall dance about this subject no more! Her name is Sharon Van Etten and she released an album called Tramp which is to this day one of my favourite albums of all time. It is mournful and heart-rending and beautiful. You can listen to it as it was recorded on Spotify or buy the damn thing (worth it), but I've put together a playlist on youtube which has all the tracks from Tramp on it with an emphasis on good live recordings of the different tracks - there is also the demo version of Serpents which was used in an episode of The Walking Dead. Great stuff! Listen!

Anywho, what sparked this off was that I awoke the other morning to an email from a musical physicist friend of mine (the wonderful Mr Barker) linking to a webpage with the lead single and a date for Sharon's forthcoming album Are We There - the new single is called Taking Chances and I wanted to share the slightly creeptastic video for it.


Bonus link for the enthused: The New Yorker did a lovely little video of Sharon hanging out at home playing one of the tracks from Are We There called I Love You But I'm Lost and she talks a bit about making music and what it means to her, and flicks through some records at a local store, and generally you get a little insight into her life as a person. Pretty neat. I recommend clicking through!!

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