25 February 2012

For the Quail

So Evan Sunley James from For the Quail asked me if I could make them a gig poster this weekend and I said "YES PLEASE" and here it is! Man. I really love making posters (hint hint)

Mark and Miri get hitched!

I was asked to take photos at a lovely wedding in Queenstown a few weekends ago between two really lovely people, Mark and Miriam. Only it wasn't really in Queenstown, it was at the entrance to the Routeburn walking track where the bride and groom both worked at the time that they met. Meaningful AND stunning. Perfect really.

It was a beautiful day and Mark and Miri were an absolute pleasure to take photos of given how amazingly radiant and happy they both looked. Their first dance was one of the sweetest things I have ever borne witness to. I hope they have a long and enjoyable life together.

- if you want, you can check out a heap more that I took on my flickr account