11 January 2010

Twenty ten eh?

Hey! So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Gosh it's been a busy start to the year so far.

Working Christmas Eve in a retail store that sells some of the most common Christmas presents (CDs, DVDs, and books as well as gift cards) is a really crazy experience. At the end of the day when we closed the doors and tallied everything up, I figured out that we made a sale every 30 seconds. From opening to closing. I mean, obviously there were slow times when we'd get to kind of tidy up the chaos and get a drink of water, but there were also insane times where we were doing fifteen sales a minute... Nuts!!

But also really fun. People were quite nice, probably because they knew that the chaos was more their fault than ours seeing as how they'd left their shopping to the last minute.

After work I went round to my Aunt's house for some extended family love and promptly fell asleep in the massage chair in the study. Rosey sure knows how to appreciate the finer things in life. When I woke up, everyone was leaving but Champ and I stayed and introduced Rosey to the wonders of Battlestar Galactica. Yuss.

Christmas day I woke up early and went to my dad's house where we ate a fantastic breakfast that my stepmum Monique had made (eggs benny with bacon! coffee! champagne!) and watched the twins rip into their presents although Zach only wanted a Wii game and ran off with it as soon as he found it.

After that we went round to Mum and Paul's wee house on the hills above the peninsula for lunch with them and their pals Sandra and Dieter. It was PHENOMENAL. Here is photographic proof of the nomness of that lunch. It was the best roast chicken I have ever had in my life.
After lunch Dj had a wee catnap, much like my favourite chum Pusster who is so lovely. And old. He's about 21years old now. Gee whiz!
When Dj woke up, we went for a wee stroll. Below is a photo of Mum's partner Paul, and a lovely foxglove. Their garden is seriously cool - it's such an idyllic cottage garden.
IMG_5982 IMG_5980
I visited the neighbour's goat. This is a wacked out goat. Wants to be in the exorcist I reckon.
Then we went into the shed (it was really hot in there) and checked out Paul's rolling ball sculpture which is pretty excellent. I tried to photograph it, but it didn't turn out so good. So here is a photo of Paul talking to Dj about the mechanics of the sculpture.