08 February 2015

Tomemitsu / High Maintenance

It's been a while since I posted a thing. Sorry about that. Hope you didn't miss my very sporadic posts too much! (Hilariously, my New Year's resolution was to be resolutely less apologetic about my life choices. Whoops!)

I've had this beautiful tune by Tomemitsu called 'In Dreams' wafting through my brainbox and haunting my vascular muscle pumping place ever since I first heard it in the closing credits of an episode of "High Maintenance". It's just mournful and lovely and resonates with me in a deep and true way. Or something. I listened to the closing credits a few times and then speedily went to bandcamp and bought the album. I'd highly recommend giving it a listen up above (pun only somewhat intended).

Speaking of High recommendations, "High Maintenance" is a brilliant show that Critic design whizz kid Sam Clark sent my way. Excellent funny/poignant little vignettes of people with the commonality through them all being a dude who sells weed for a living.

The episode below is the one that features 'In Dreams' in the closing credits. Treat yourself.

High Maintenance // Rachel from Janky Clown Productions on Vimeo.