28 October 2009


29 October

Here's a drawing that I did today during a framing workshop at school. The workshop was damn cool, and I'm going to try and frame this as a practise run before I attempt anything big/time consuming.


(edit: below is a coloured version of it that I put together tonight while watching the Spongebob Squarepants Movie.

swimmers coloured

27 October 2009

Paisley Ghost

paisley ghost
This one I drew thinking about poor old Champ who has his wisdom teeth coming in and wreaking all kind of havoc in his head. He's looking at getting them out but that kind of work don't come cheap, and isn't covered by his health insurance. Stink buzz!

Anyway, I'm playing with this drawing in Illustrator and will hopefully have something done with it in the next few weeks.

08 October 2009

Not doing so well on the Daily Drawing front.


Sigh. I don't think I've done any drawings for the past two weeks which is really lame. So I'll get onto it asap. I have, however, had a great time sleeping and playing Settlers of Catan both in the real world and online. It's awesome, easy to learn, and really fun.

So that's been my holidays.

I made this today.