23 July 2009



One of the things I did over the holiday was to do the album artwork and layout for the new Sunley album, Apologies. You can listen to bits here.

Evan pretty much gave me free reign which was wonderful, and it was really nice doing some design work again. Seriously, I love it in small doses and frequently. So long as I don't have a huge workload from school or other projects, doing design is one of my favourite things. Yeah!


Five Weeks

I'm feeling a bit shamefaced about admitting why I haven't posted on my blog for over FIVE WEEKS. I mean, something big must have been going on right? Wrong. I've been on holiday for the past five weeks.

Oh, so you've been out of town? Away somewhere awesome and removed from technology?
Umm, actually no. I've been in Dunedin. At my flat for the first two weeks, then cat-sitting for my Mum who WAS in some remote awesome location (Niue) but still had the interwebs and skyped me fairly frequently.

I've just been playing the Sims and hanging out with the cats and it has been THE BEST holiday I've had in ages. Mum and Paul have a lovely big warm house, four radpants cats, a high-def tv, fast broadband (I know, no excuse) , and CONTINUOUS HOT WATER making taking a shower easily one of the high points of my day.

I think the real reason I haven't blogged is cos there's been very little to blog about. I'm going to do one or two posts of the few things I did manage to do on my ridiculously long mid-year break, so there is that right?

In any case, this posting drought is pretty much over as the holidays have finished, and I've been back at school since Monday - Mum and Paul get back on Sunday and I'll be back in the coldness of a student flat once more. Yay for ten layers of clothing indoors!