18 January 2011

Happy Nude Year

Woohoo! 2011 eh!

From henceforth 2010 shall be referred to as my Lost Year. The equation below explains it quite clearly: homeownership + hilarious cat + full-time work + loss of dedicated "creative time" = an exhausted non-productive hermit who emerges only for netball and when emotionally blackmailed. Yuss.

So no more! My one resolution for 2011 is to not let it be a repeat of 2010.

Thus far, January has proved promising - I've got a couple of interesting design projects on the horizon, my mum bought me a beautiful old sewing machine for my birthday which just needs a new cog before it's all mine, I've been drawing a lot more, and with the addition of an iphone as part of my anatomy (because it's now a permanent fixture on my body) I've been taking lots of photos and getting into observing and composing images again. I'm posting them at http://otherwiseforgettablemoments.tumblr.com if you want to check them out anytime.

So in the spirit of this being a new year with new creative endeavors, check out these posters!

I put this one together last night for Thundercub. Fun times!

Thundercub poster

This one is one I did for Tono in December. Wanted to see if I could make an interesting poster using Wing Dings. Mission accomplished?

Tono poster