18 October 2010



I <3 ikea so much. SO MUCH.

We went today and I was so happy I hyperventilated a few times. The range of stuff! The excellent storage solutions! The wee setups that they have to show you things you could do to your house! The KITCHENS. Gah.

We left before I broke down and hid myself in a whole heap of pillows so I'd never have to leave.

We're going back next week.

Catching some flicks

On the plane over to Brisbane, DJ and I flew Pacific Blue which was cheap and frill-free. $3 for water anyone? Mmmmhmm. We rented one of their inflight entertainment thingummys that cost $20 and came with two pairs of headphones. BRING YOUR OWN HEADPHONES. These were easily the shittest headphones I've ever had the displeasure of putting in my ears. Sigh. The movie selection was fairly decent though and we decided on Toy Story 3 seeing neither of us had seen it.

It was excellent! Man, sad and nostalgic and funny all at the same time. The characters, both old and new, were vibrant and interesting, and the storyline was entertaining and suspenseful. DJ and I both had a wah a couple of times during the film (which is always a wee bit awkward on a flight which is a daytime flight. If it's at night and everyone's asleep it's far less shameful)

So yes. Go see it if you haven't, it's pretty radpants.

We started watching Cemetery Junction which was alright and just starting to get interesting when the flight attendant came and took it off us because we were "just about to land". 20 minutes later we landed. That cheeky bitch.

My sister, who I am staying with, and I both were humongous fans of the Tomorrow When the War Began books by John Marsden when we were teenagers. In fact, they were easily my favourite books. Nothing compared. I was madly in love with them. I even wrote John Marsden a fan letter which I was too much of a chicken to send which means it's at home somewhere. When I decide that I'm in need of some public embarrassment I'll post it in all it's fawning glory.

Anywho, we went and watched the film adaptation yesterday and as much as it was not as good as the book, it was still totally enjoyable like watching Home and Away on steroids with guns and a better budget. Some of the acting was just naff as fuck, but the key characters pulled through alright - my hope is that they decide to make the whole series of books and through that process, the acting will improve and some of the depth that Marsden put into his characters will become more apparent onscreen.

Has anyone else been along to see it yet? Thoughts?