28 April 2009

Cupcakes of the Chocolate Variety

chocolate cupcake with buttercream and chocolate chips
Indeed. I made these to say thanks to Hope for filling in on Monday's drive show at Radio1 when I was pissing razors and totally unwilling to sit through a three hour show in agony. To say the least, they're quite over the top when combined with buttercream icing. The cupcakes themselves could be a bit more chocolatey, as it is they're ok, but kind of boring, and they have a touch of that baking flavour which possibly comes from baking soda.

chocolate cupcake with buttercream and chocolate chips
But never fear! The mountain of icing you pile on top will totally solve the problem.

Thanks Martha Stewart!

26 April 2009

Best. Photo. Ever

I have no idea who took this, but this photo makes me so happy inside that I want to cry.

Rebekah Bogard

Rebekah Bogard makes ceramic creatures of such a sweet, sensual nature that I just want them all to come and visit for tea and cupcakes. They're seriously gorgeous, it's worth checking out her website. Like, suhreeusly. SUH-REE-US-LEE.

17 April 2009

Anita DeSoto

My life drawing tutor at Art School, Anita DeSoto, has an exhibition opening today at Milford Galleries on Dowling Street in Dunedin. It looks like it'll be bloody gorgeous, do come (I'm about to crawl out of bed and head there myself). If you can't come, you can check some of her work out online at Milford's website.

01 April 2009

Sex with Bowie

Was pint night at ReFuel last night as good for you as it was for me? Because it was pretty fucking good for me. Sex with Bowie freaking rocked my socks right off of my feet and shoved them into my mouth. You can listen to some stuff from off of their debut release "Corporate Karaoke Function" at last.fm for free.

We went and took some photos in Milton yesterday for band promo stuff. This one was probably my fave.

Sex with Bowie

There are a few others on my flickr if you wanna see 'em. :)


As the one or two of you who read this blog probably know, I'm at art school this year, and am currently running through a marathon of three week modules in various disciplines offered by the school. Three weeks per subject, two days a week, essentially craziness.

But fun. Oh lordy yes.

The first module I was in was Ceramics, where we were required to look into making vessels that could be used in a japanese tea ceremony (wiki) using the wabi-sabi aesthetic of assymetrical, unfinished, imperfect objects. Perfect for rookies like us.

I got hooked on the wheel fairly quickly, and made pretty much everything using it.

Here's some stuff I made that I liked:

bowl 1 (gave to my mumsy)
green bowl
sake cup
bowl 2 interior
bowl 3

If you wanna see more of the stuff I did, go have a look on my flickr account.