01 April 2009


As the one or two of you who read this blog probably know, I'm at art school this year, and am currently running through a marathon of three week modules in various disciplines offered by the school. Three weeks per subject, two days a week, essentially craziness.

But fun. Oh lordy yes.

The first module I was in was Ceramics, where we were required to look into making vessels that could be used in a japanese tea ceremony (wiki) using the wabi-sabi aesthetic of assymetrical, unfinished, imperfect objects. Perfect for rookies like us.

I got hooked on the wheel fairly quickly, and made pretty much everything using it.

Here's some stuff I made that I liked:

bowl 1 (gave to my mumsy)
green bowl
sake cup
bowl 2 interior
bowl 3

If you wanna see more of the stuff I did, go have a look on my flickr account.


Jenna said...

That orangey/grey glaze is shit hot! yay Lucy!

Alison said...

love the sake cup! nice work :)