28 January 2016

Week in Tunes | Chairlift, Florist

I've taken to listening to a lot of stuff on Soundcloud and Bandcamp as both are really great spots for finding new shit that I might have otherwise overlooked. Here's some great stuff I've been into this week.

Chairlift • Moth

Soundcloud | Facebook | Website

Chairlift are an American outfit (originally from Colorado but New York based now) who have been together since 2006. They make some pretty choice dancey "avant-pop" music that I've been listening to a lot this past fortnight.

Moth on the whole is well worth a listen - you may have already heard the lead single 'Ch-Ching' but I highly recommend 'Moth to the Flame' as the best track on the album. It's my number one jam at the moment.

Other boss as fuck tracks include:
- 'Polymorphing'
- 'Crying in Public'

Florist • The Birds Outside Sang

Website | Facebook | Bandcamp

Florist is Emily Sprague and chums and they're also from NY, but originally from the Catskill Mountains which is what their first EP is kind of about.

The Birds Outside Sang is a really lovely tender album - reminds me lots of Frankie Cosmos sonically but lyrically has the same poignant awareness of mortality you might find Sufjan's Carrie and Lowell or some of the tracks on Oh, Inverted World by The Shins.

Bandcamp did a really neat interview/profile of the band and the how the album came about (short answer: Sprague got fucked up after being hit by a truck and made the album while recovering) - check it out if you've got a few minutes.

> Hypemachine has the whole album up for streaming here.

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