16 April 2008

Happy Birthday Dougie J

I took photos of DJ last night with my NEW CAMERA

Here's one. Actually, two. The second one is relevant for the bottom part of this post.

It's also his birthday. Today. Going into the mid-20s. Scary stuff

We're quite cute sometimes. Other times we're just annoying. Or fighty. Like cats really - we're just like cats.


Liz Biscuit said...

cute like a punch in the face. in the best way possible. aw.

Leilana said...

haha. liz = funny. cats are the best models for how to behave, especially in relationships. If you're being snotty, you can just say "I'm being a sour puss!" and then -suddenly- you are cute again!

p.s. you two are rather one of the cutest pairs of cats that I know.

Robbie said...

Awesome! I love how your scowl goes so far as to not only affect your face, but has started to scrunch DJ's face too...