01 May 2008

The thing I dislike about University

I really don't like writing in a formal, academic manner. Which is quite a kick in the nuts if you're aiming to get a degree. I managed to get through essays at High School because I had the same English teacher for a lot of it and she enjoyed my informal, personable, and colloquial style of writing.

Unfortunately, it doesn't go down to well in an academic environment.

Anyway, I guess I'm just procrastinating because I have a book review/report to write about Anne Bogart's book "A Director Prepares" and while I really enjoyed the book and thought that quite possibly it could help me develop as a director - I'd want to read it a few more times first before explaining why... my other problem is that I respond to things instinctively, and emotionally, instead of analytically. Boo hiss!

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Liz Biscuit said...

see, I don't believe that is even a cat! I think someone just got a powderpuff, stuck googly eyes on it and then made it angry...