04 May 2010

Refusing to stop reusing

I helped some chappies out lately with some illustrations for a council funded website informing people on how to get rid of all kinds of stuff without just throwing it away - expanding the lifespan of the item, giving it another life/purpose, what-have-you. As well as being a directory of places that will deal with your refuse/junk, it's also a directory of places who'll give you stuff like horse poo, bokashi... that sort of stuff.

So I did three icons - one for organic waste, one for inorganic waste, and one for community groups. Here they are:

Here are all the icons outside of their little clusters, including some of the ones I made but didn't end up using. I particularly liked the t-shirt.


Elizabiscuit said...

this is super! Like an educational children's book. Also: I liked Andrew's dream. It seems likely that Phoebe would, in fact, throw grapes.

the thirdman said...

I like the poo.

Still want to find a place to use it that Pip doesn't know about so she can't say no.


Lovely stuff Lucinda.