09 June 2009

Video Works

I just realised that if this is meant to be a way to show off the cool things that I've been doing, I should probably put up cool things I've done as well.

Here are two videos I made as part of my design degree at Otago.

Both videos were made for special topic papers where I got to choose what I wanted to make. The one above was about the experiences my peers had had with social anxiety - I was interested to see how many of them had encountered it, and what their perceptions were. It took ages because I took a lot of the frames into photoshop and drew on each of them individually.

The video below is a music video I made for one-time Dunedin band, The Tweeks. It's a song about the limitations of texting, so I made the cellphone into a set of costumes for three of the band members and got them to follow around the fourth member of the band as his lackey. Yes yes.


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