12 June 2009


Ok, so I really enjoyed sculpture at school, so much so that I've decided that it'll be one of my two majors next semester alongside printmaking. Squee! Getting to use power tools made me hyper-pumped, and the vast broadness of materials on offer in the department was also excitement inducing. Yuss.

Robot is made out of a floppy-disk holder, grater, jar-opener, long forks, and bits of wood and keyboard and scrap.

Skull is an old christmas tree and polystyrene. Such a goofy skull.


gigi said...

I love the robot. Is there anyway I can get one. Sigh, so cute.

Pattie said...

The first one is kind of creepy.
But the cute robot reminds me of invader zim lol

Lucinda said...

gigi: play your cards right when you're visiting and who knows? if you've got room in your carry-on luggage, it could well happen.

pattie: the christmas skull is WAY creepier without the eyes and teeth... but I'm glad you like the robot, and invader zim! rad.