30 July 2008


White-crowned Sparrow by Todd R. Forsgrenis one of two prints by the artist that went up on 20x200.com the other day.

20x200 is a project where twice a week, new prints go up for sale on their website - the small prints cost $20 (and there are 200 of them, hence the name 20x200), the medium cost $200, and the large cost $2000.

I really love this photo. It's so cute and odd looking! The birds weren't hurt during their capture and reease - I'm not good at explaining it but Mr Todd Forsgrenis knows his shiz and this is what he had to say:

"Ornithologists now use mist nets. These nearly invisible nets are set up like fences and function as huge spider webs, catching unsuspecting birds. The researcher carefully extracts the bird from the net. Each bird is measured, aged, sexed, and banded with an individually numbered anklet. Then the bird is released.

I photographed these birds while they are caught in mist nets, moments before the ornithologist extracts them. Here, the birds inhabit a fascinating space between our framework of the bush and the hand. It is a fragile and embarrassing moment before they disappear back into the woods, and into data."

Awesome! When I get a credit card again, I'm going to FINALLY get to buy a print from this website, yuss!

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