29 October 2008


I just realised last night while I was perusing various websites by various creative individuals, that I very rarely make art or design something for the pure pleasure of it anymore. That I use photoshop and illustrator as tools only for doing work for other people, not for doing work for myself, not for playing.

"Well, that sucks and I'm a sucker" I declared. "From now on, I shall endeavor to do one arty designy thing a week for fun."

I started last night by making this poster of a taxman as I imagine them in my head. I have a great fear of taxes, and the tax system as a whole. It seems so incomprehensible to me. Just thinking about having to do a tax return gives me the willies. It's not a maths thing either - I was really good at maths at school, it's more-so to do with the fact that I've never had to deal with taxes personally, and accounting and economics are like a foreign language to me.

I'll have to learn to speak this whack language of tax one day, in the mean time, woe unto those who refuse to acknowledge the might and smoting powers of the taxman!


Amy said...

"I have a great fear of taxes, and the tax system as a whole."

I was a bit worried when I read that sentence - sounded suspiciously right-wing to me... but I gather from the rest of the post it's more about complexity and the possible ramifications of unintentionally Doing The Wrong Thing?

Lucinda said...

hahaha, yeah - it's more a fear of cocking up and having them tell me that I owe them a squillion dollars. i have no problem with taxation, i think taxaion is very important - i just wish i understood it better...