25 November 2008

Percy and Thornton

So, I've really taken to making buddies. Haven't had much time in the past few weeks, but now that I'm staring unemployment in its bloodshot and crusty eye, I will have more time to play God of Soft Creatures.

Percy is a penguin who kind of wants to be an owl. He loves having stories read to him, but is equally happy to watch cooking shows on TV. Be warned, if he's hungry, he may forget himself and try to peck the TV to get the treats inside.

I gave this guy, Thornton, to Leigh for her birthday. They get on really well, apparently, they hold hands when Leigh's falling asleep, and sometimes she brings him into work with her.


Jenna said...


Lucinda said...

I'm glad you like them!!!

Amy said...

I'm sad that Thornton had to leave our house. I miss him. :(

Can't you just keep all the creatures you make and never sell/give them away? I'm sure that's a practical and economic suggestion.

Anthony said...

hehe Percy has a little version of the scarf that Lei has with the hands!