19 February 2009


Holy moly! It's mid-february already!

I thought I better give a wee bit of an update as to how I've spent the past three weeks.

There were several largeish things that have happened this month, the first being Camp A Low Hum 2009, in Wainuiomata.

It was three days of hedonistic drinking times, dancing to radtastic bands, falling over laughing, and catching up with the wonderful wellingtonians that I so rarely get the chance to see (seriously, Bronwyn, Chloe, Liz, Gianna, Alex, Phil and Amanda are the bees knees and it always makes me SO happy to get to spend time with them! Albeit rarely! Also, was fabulous to get to know Lily too... my wee asian bebe!)

I mean, holy shitballs. It was grand, but over so quickly, and on such a down note too. You see, my liver no longer has to process large amounts of alcohol on a weekly basis since I dropped the scarfies-on-the-piss routine and adopted a "higher" way of living.

Over the course of Camp, I consumed a couple of boxes of Double Brown, Scrumpies, Red Wine, Gin and Tonsies, and miscellaneous beer. I also smoked like a train. By Sunday, my liver was ready for a revolt so I decided to stop drinking... until the afternoon. So my liver declared war and I spent the wee small hours of Monday morning creeping back and forth between our tent and the toilet block where I spewed from both ends until my stomach was cramping and bile was the only flavour I could remember ever occupying my mouth.

THANK GOD FOR DJ AND FRIENDS. They sorted me out in the morning and let me lie outside on the ground while they packed up all the camping crap.

SECOND amazing thing about this month was that Anni, my Finnish exchange student friend, arrived in New Zealand... and came to camp! Haha! Having never been to a music festival before and only knowing me! What a champ! She made friends pretty quickly though, and we had a stonking good time.

Third big thing this month was that I decided to go to art school. Signed myself up for a three year degree I did. Necessary? Perhaps not. Fun? Heck yeah.

The biggest shit thing about art school so far is the new degree structure meaning that instead of getting four weeks on each module in the first year, we only get THREE weeks per subject, which equates to SIX DAYS, or 39 HOURS PER SUBJECT TOTAL. From only 39 HOURS in each of the five subjects we choose, we have to decide on two to pursue for a semester, and after that BAM, you've got a major and you're off.


Ceramics is the BIZ NIZ. I didn't really like our first day because we were working using coiling and slab techniques and all my work looked SUPER clumsy and like something you'd find on an old lady stand at the local school fair. Not the sort of stuff I'm looking to make. Today we hit the potters wheel and I had a fucking blast. I managed to make two bowl type things and two mug type things in the six hours we had.

I can't wait to get onto glazing them and then making some more. ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT :(


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Leilana said...

Ok, I am going to post for ages so get ready.

Holy shit, DJ has that awesome piano blow thing which Chloe bought in China. I played it on a boat in Halong Bay, Vietnam. How fucked is that? Also, a sleazy crew member tried to buy it off Chloe for a ridiculously low price and Rhylie was furious. Memoriiies.

Second thing: I miss you SO much. I can't really talk about it, but it's like a pain, in my eye.

Third thing: Ok the third thing is that I miss you so much too.

Fourth thing: Art school!! awesome. Ceramics are awesome. My mom has her own kiln now (sp)which Malik bought her for a wedding present, which was the moment I realised I should grow up and like Malik because he's wonderful.

I love you! and I wont be offended if you delete this comment since it is drunken and long. LONG!! xo