02 June 2009

Attention: Friends

Dear Friends,

This is a note to say please stop moving overseas. Overseas includes crossing the Cook Strait. I am serious. And lonely. Chamcham is awesome, but so are you. And one Champion does not a group of friends make.

I understand that you all have important things to do abroad, like teach, save the world, play music and get high/drunk/sunburnt, but dammit I miss you. And surely that is more important. I know that I wasn't always the most social beast, often saying I'd come out and have a drink/dance/standatthesideofthestageandstompmyfoot with you and then pull out at the last minute but I PROMISE that if you come back I will work really hard on not being a piker.

In any case. You are well missed, so I hope you're having fun. If you're not having fun, get back here. NOW. If you're still in Dunedin, good. Text me in a week and a half and I will cover you in anecdotes, icing and cups of tea.



gigi said...

You should move to Wellington. I think it's the best idea. REALLY!

Jenna said...

I miss youuuuuuuuuuu! x

Jenna said...

I miss you! Can wait to come around for tea, baking and movies.^^ ooooh memory pangs.

Leilana said...

p.s. First of all, Gigi is right. Second of all, how about Europa?

Stu-urns said...

Awwww shucks Lusizzle! I miss you tooo! Boooo! I can't wait to come home for Christmas and hang out wit' you fellas! Got any good NY plans? Hehe now how's that for thinking ages ahead!



Lucinda said...

Sigh, I'll finish this art school thingummy and then consider moving. But c'mon! Dunedin's pretty cool for a tiny town! You can go to a park and be the only one there! That's pretty rad...

No plans as yet for NYs - turning 25 and keen to celebrate that shit tho - if you've got any ideas, let me know and I can start putting some pennies aside :)

When are you back in the country JT? Same time as Stoodles?

Elizabiscuit said...

I second the Wellington suggestion.

I like it a lot. Although I love Dunedin (with a disturbing passion) moving to Wellington was good. all round.

Anonymous said...

Rachael Elder (who doesn't know what 'google account' means) sez: well... turns out i may be doing a temporary move back to dunedin, just for you!... i may be needing a wee bit o surgery in which i kinda need my folks around for the rehab process, so we can have tea parties! maybe, the surgeon hasn't set a date yet.

Jenna said...

I will be gracing your presence just before Stoodles, maybe a month before? - so you can get some JT time in before he does!
I'm thinking lots of movie nights and some other random adventures!