13 September 2009

The Gideons / Thundercub / Sex with Bowie

I finally busted my ass out to Chicks in Port Chalmers on Saturday night for the Sex with Bowie album release party. The fact that I love The Gideons and haven't seen them play inages, nor the fact that Logan and Chris of Sex with Bowie are hilariously rad (no offense Bugs and Gordon, you guys are pretty neat too), not even the simple fact that my live-in-lover is the keys player for Thundercub had anything to do with my decision to go along. I just felt it was time ok? Stop questioning my motives!

In any case, it was great.

The Gideons
The Gideons were a bit sloppy, but that's one of the things I love about them - the frustration that Louis emanates on stage sometimes has a stage presence of it's own. Yuss.

Thundercub are sounding quite tight these days. Selfishly, I hope they stick to their minimal performance quota, but for the sake of the music public by and large, it'd be awesome if they played more shows. Even if it means I end up going out more often as a consequence.

Sex with Bowie
Sex with Bowie were great too. By that time I was well into my third or fourth pint, and using the speaker stack as a makeshift tripod, and the crowd was having a doozy of a time. I love the performative aspect of Logan's frontman act, and Chris looks so damn happy behind the drums, it's transformative.

Anywho, there are some more photos on flickr if you feel like having a look.

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missHlavac said...

twas an excellent gig- i thought the giant cocktail umbrellas were particularly successful!