08 August 2011

Matt Langley + Darren Watson

Made a tour poster for Matt Langley and Darren Watson. Sweet deal! The one above is the one they went with. Ah the lonesome road! I liked a couple of the other versions of this I whammied together (I think the deer were my fave):

Below is an even earlier idea that I made for them that fell through - might end up using it again later for someone else... watch this space and all that jazz! This was the first time in a long time that my initial concept was rejected by a band - something I'm putting down to the fact that I tend to make posters for bands who I know both personally and musically, and in this instance I didn't know them well enough to begin with (not that they're not nice guys, they are - I just didn't "get" the vibe/aesthetic/genre bang on first try).

You live you learn.


mahinty said...

For what it’s worth, I voted for the deer version – but the keyboard player/driver/roadie’s vote doesn’t carry too much weight!

Nice job. Keep up the good work.


Lucinda said...

Aw chur! Yeah, the deer were pretty sweet :)