18 March 2012

Dunedin Fringe Festival

On Friday night after a long day being trialled at a possible new workplace, DJ and I went to check out Concrete Chimera - an exhibition co-curated by two very talented Dunedin photographers: Emily Hlavac Green and Alex Lovell-Smith. It was a double-barrel of sweet art works, my favourite being the fabulous kaleidoscope (which I think was by Justin Spiers? Correct me if I'm wrong) that I got kind of obsessive over. It had such a nice feel to it when you turned the crank! The exhibition is running until the 23rd, so I suggest you go and have a peruse.

In any case, while there we ran into some friends who had spare tickets to a show at the Fortune called Fickle Finger of Fate by the Kallo Collective.

IT WAS PHENOMENAL! Both of the performers were brilliant but I can't deny that the second performance by Thom Monckton was my favourite. His physicality was mind-blowingly good, like Mr Bean but without the cringe factor. Sadly, they only did three shows and all of them have now been. Luckily, you can see a bit of his solo piece here:

Finally, I made a poster for the Pecha Kucha night that was part of the Fringe but due to being a nana and somehow sleeping through the whole weekend, I missed it. Sigh.


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