14 March 2013

Finally, a "Real Job"!

That's right friends, I am no longer a retail wench. It was sad to leave Marbecks after three years and I'll miss the peeps I worked with but for the past three weeks I have been ensconced behind a desk getting to grips with the behemoth that is the Otago University Students' Association. My new co-workers have been lovely, and none of them judged me when I was introduced to beer pong on the last day of my first week and got quite drunk. It was Emersons Pilsner! And I am competitive as all hell so losing a game just makes me want to win it all the more...

It is so good being challenged on a daily basis. I know I complained about how much I wanted a challenging job while I was at Marbecks and, well, you get what you wish for right? REAL JOBS ARE HARD. Man, but they are so satisfying! My brain has been pulled and stretched like taffy over the last three weeks, and thankfully it hasn't fallen apart yet.

There are some pretty exciting projects coming up in the next month - the annual Capping Show which this year is themed around the Wizard of Oz, and the Battle of the Bands being the two massive ones. I've been spending a fair chunk of time on designing stuff for the Uni Games which are being hosted here in Dunedin in April. So much!

Here are a few wee things I've done this month and a taster of the Battle of the Bands artwork! Ooo!


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Rachel F said...

Yusss, go Luci! And real weekends too now, I hope! I'm excited by the fact Dunedinites are playing beerpong, I'm developing some skillz here in the Midwest. Do they also play Flip Cup? Tournament when I get back? XX