06 May 2013

Cool Peeps: AJ Fosik

AJ Fosik is a total freaking bad-ass. I found him during my sculpture module that year I thought I'd be an Art School kid and I've been jealously checking in on his work ever since. The guy has SKILLS - he did a some brilliant artwork for the most recent Mastodon album (a video of him making it can be seen below!), and his sculpture is honestly just the bees knees. It creeps me out in the best possible way.


Joyce Purba said...

Wow your blog so great..
Why do you like AJ Fosik? I'm so curious.. :)

Lucinda said...

Hey Joyce, I guess I like AJ Fosik because his work is so original and fierce - I like how psychedelic it is and how fantastical the creatures are - like something out of some strange acid-induced retelling of Greek mythology. I enjoy the fact that his work is both fearsome and beautiful. I admire his skill and his imagination :)

Lila said...

This is amazing! I love the frozen movement and yes I also think it is fearsome.