31 August 2009

Daily Drawing?

Seeing I'm at Art School this year, and endeavoring to push myself into being more creative and drawing more frequently, I've been thinking about doing a daily drawing and posting them on my blog.

Sounds like a good idea?

Cos I know I love it when Liz and Gi at the friendly teacake post theirs, as well as Lauren Nassef's drawings, and Chris Piascik's typographic treats are wondrous to receive in my reader too.

So do you reckon I ought to? Yeah? I think I'll stick to doing the drawings more often if I know someone out there is interested in seeing them.

But no pressure.


Jenna said...


Leilana said...

Lucy you gorgeous dip, of COURSE it´s a good idea!!

Want to see drawing now...

s said...

do it!

themachobox said...

go for it. I started doing it about two months again and its something now I actually look forward to doing at the end of the day.