17 August 2009

My flat is awesome

The other night our flat decided to have an evening of drinking. We drank gin and rum and absinthe (hoorah for Samdrub!), played drinking games and singstar, and then fancied ourselves up to head to town. The result is the above photo.

We walked to town through the gardens and this happened:
The result of this was a lost wallet and cellphone in the middle of the botanical gardens in the pitch black. Nice work. Luckily, my wonderful man (pictured below) was able to find the missing items which allowed us to continue on to town:
Good work Champ! In town, cigarettes were smoked, dances were danced, and burgers were eaten. I think we ought to do this more often.


Elizabiscuit said...

awesome AND attractive.

Stu-urns said...

Awwww jealous!!!