28 February 2011

Go font yourself

At last! A quiz that answers that age old question, "if I were a typeface, which would I be?"

Turns out, I'm Architype Van Doesburg, because apparently I'm Emotional, Assertive, Progressive, and Disciplined (lol). This is the 6th most common result out of 16 typefaces.

What are you? I really want to see if anyone comes out as Expanded Antique - such a minority!


Lila said...

I'm Cooper Black Italic - almost same as you, except obviously not disciplined... teehe.


Rogan said...

As a nerd I am pleased to say I AM DOT MATRIX

sarachristine55 said...

I got baskerville italic.. one of the more rare types... I am rational, understated, traditional, and relaxed... number 4 on the list I believe.. This was pretty neat, thanks for posting!