25 April 2011

Open email regarding Annabel Fay's Leg

(This email was originally sent to the photographer, Olivia Hemus, and the designer of the album, Indium Design, that the above picture fronts.I didn't get a reply sadly, and I'd quite like one.)


My name is Luci and I work in at a record store in Dunedin and studied design at Otago putting me in a somewhat unique position where I'm interested in both music and design and ever since the promotional poster for Annabel Fay's new album arrived in store and was unfurled on the wall, and then when the album itself arrived in store, I've been dying to find out whether she is, in fact, an amputee.

Can you help me? Is there actually a second leg hiding behind her front leg due to an amazing feat of foreshortening/lighting/camera angle/bendy knee syndrome? Is she an amputee who wears a fake leg most of the time but decided bravely to reveal her amputee status to the world on her new album (new album, new start)? Or, dare I ask, was it an editing decision to remove that unsightly, un-called for second leg? Who needs two of them anyway.

This has been making me crazy for ages. I emailed EMI but no-one could give me the truth! The truth! I figure between the photographer and the designer credited in the liner notes, one of you can help me out. I promise, I shall take the truth to my grave if needs be, but this is an itch that must be scratched for the sake of my mental wellbeing.

Much obliged,


Alex said...

They are just trying to cover up the truth! That Annabel Fey is part Wookie, and is here to do the bidding of none other than our reptilian overlords



Penals-e-wells said...

Perhaps the fake barb wire fence (?) behind her is actually a portal to another dimension. Her leg has already vanished (as she's lost her balance and is obviously falling) - which explains why she's looking so forlorn. It also explains why all the other photos don't look like her (they had to find a lookalike).

Aleksey Yashin said...

Also it (?) has chopped fingers. All proximal phalanges are of the same length and start at the same straight line (unlike).

If you go to Olivia Hemus website you'll see that she does a lot of alien photography.