15 June 2011

The wants of a leggy blonde

As someone who stand 6'1, shopping for tights to wrap around my pins has long been a pain in the butt. Or mid thigh if I'm honest, because 90% of the hosiery that I've purchased in my life result in the gusset of the tights hanging out in between my thighs and refusing to stay near my crotch like some fearful gay man...

I have friends who are at least a head shorter than me who buy x-tall tights and find that they're just right. Gah!

Well, finally I seem to have found a brand that gets that the X stands for extra and have made tights that are actually EXTRA TALL. Long live Voodoo! They're my new hosiery heroes - not only are they long enough to cover the full length of my leg, they have tights that don't sit at the hip, instead sitting much higher around the waist.

The firm control ones pictured above, are AMAZING. Getting into them made me feel like Winnie-the-Pooh trying to get out of Rabbit's burrow after over-indulgin in honey. Quite a squeeze. But once on, glorious snug fitting, firm-holding goodness.


1 comment:

Mum said...

I sooo agree! I bought some red footless tights at Farmers ( 30% off)last week and the legs are loong! Long live Voodoo